Are you looking for a way to enhance the visibility of your YouTube videos on your website? If so, then you should consider using This URL shortener offers a simple and easy way to embed video content from YouTube onto your website. Additionally, it is free to use. In this article, we will take a closer look at and discuss its benefits, setting up an account, uploading videos, and monetizing videos.

Benefits of using

Using helps make your video more searchable, which could result in more viewers and likes. Furthermore, using HTTPS will help protect your video from being intercepted by third-party snoopers who may be looking to steal sensitive information or spy on your online activity.

Setting up an account in

To use, you first need to create a profile for your YouTube channel. If you already have one, then click on the “My Channel” button in the main column of the YouTube website and follow the instructions. If not, then click on “Create New Account.” Once you have created your profile, enter the title of your video (for example, “How To Fix A Faulty Fan”). Next, choose a category for your video (for example, “Tech Tips”). Select the dates between which you would like Parade Video to display your latest videos (for example, “Today”).

Uploading videos to

If you want to share a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube on your website or blog, you can use the address. This URL will embed the video in a web page for viewers to watch. You can control how long people have to watch the video by specifying how many seconds should play before it goes away.

Monetizing your videos with

If you have created any videos and want to make money from them, there are several ways to monetize them. One option is to sell your videos through This platform allows you to set up a channel and sell subscriptions, among other things. You can also make advertising fees off of your videos, and even get royalties if they are placed on external websites.

How to set up your account in

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to set up your account in This video tutorial is for people who want to create a new account or use an existing account to use to improve their YouTube experience. Once you have completed these simple steps, you will be able to:

Connect to your YouTube account

This guide explains the steps that you need to take in order to connect to your YouTube account, upload videos and pictures, view information about the videos that you’ve uploaded and subscribed to, and more!

Upload videos and pictures

After you have connected to your YouTube account, you can upload videos and pictures to

View your account activity

Once you have uploaded videos and pictures, you can view your account activity, including the number of views and likes that your videos and pictures have received. You can also see the comments left by your followers and reply to them. Additionally, you can monitor your account statistics, such as the number of followers you have, your engagement rate, and the demographics of your followers. This information can be helpful in understanding your audience and tailoring your content to their interests.

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In summary, using to embed YouTube videos on your website can enhance the visibility of your content, make it more searchable, and protect it from third-party interception. Setting up an account is easy, and once you do, you can upload videos and pictures, view your account activity, and even monetize your videos. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can improve your YouTube experience and connect with your audience in a more effective way.


Q: Is it free to use A: Yes, it is free to use.

Q: Can I monetize my videos with A: Yes, you can monetize your videos by selling subscriptions or making advertising fees.

Q: How do I set up an account in A: You can create a profile for your YouTube channel, enter the title and category of your video, and select the dates for your latest videos to be displayed.

Q: Can I view my account activity with A: Yes, you can view your account activity, including the number of views and likes your videos have received, comments left by followers, and account statistics.

Q: How do I embed a YouTube video on my website with A: Simply use the address to embed the video in a web page for viewers to watch.

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