Fortnite Festival: A Musical Evolution Inside the Fortnite Universe

Fortnite continues to redefine its platform, moving beyond its battle royale origins with the introduction of Fortnite Festival, a novel music game by Harmonix, the studio behind Guitar Hero.


A Trio of Games

  • New Releases: Epic Games launched three new titles inside Fortnite: Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.
  • Acquisition and Development: Harmonix, acquired by Epic in 2021, spearheaded the development of Fortnite Festival.
  • Platform Transformation: These releases are part of Epic’s strategy to transform Fortnite into a diverse platform for various experiences.

Fortnite Festival: Rock Band Reimagined

  • Gameplay Mechanics: Similar to Rock Band, players hit notes to songs, but instead of using instruments, they use standard gaming controls.
  • Fortnite’s Twist: Players select avatars like Peely the banana and can perform emotes during songs.
  • Social Context: Alex Rigopulos from Harmonix emphasized the unique social context of integrating a music game into Fortnite’s free-to-play model.

The Festival Pass

  • Monetization Model: Fortnite Festival features a battle pass-like system, allowing players to unlock songs and cosmetics, including a Weeknd skin.

Music’s Role in Fortnite

  • Previous Musical Ventures: Fortnite has hosted in-game concerts (recently featuring Eminem) and allows in-game radio streaming.
  • Musical Integration: The goal is to permeate Fortnite’s ecosystem with musical experiences, expanding beyond Fortnite Festival.

Introducing the Jam System

  • Creative Music Making: Players can come together to create music by laying down track elements, emulating playing instruments.
  • Ecosystem Integration: This feature will be accessible in battle royale and is planned to be available throughout Fortnite.


Fortnite Festival marks a significant step in Fortnite’s evolution, blending gaming with music creation and social interaction. With Fortnite’s reach and Harmonix’s expertise, this venture could redefine the music gaming genre.

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