Adding Dashboards to UnleashX on Your Original Xbox

UnleashX is a popular custom dashboard choice for the original Xbox, offering extensive customization options for your gaming experience. Whether you desire a nostalgic interface, a modern look, or a dashboard specialized for emulation, UnleashX provides the versatility you need. This guide will help you add new dashboards to UnleashX on your original Xbox.

Preparing Your Xbox

Before proceeding, ensure that your Xbox is soft-modded and has UnleashX installed. If you’re unsure about the softmod process, consult online guides or reach out to experienced Xbox modders.

Steps to Add Dashboards to UnleashX via FTP

Step 1: Access the Dashboard Installer

  • Start UnleashX and navigate to the “Dashboard” menu.
  • Select “Install Dashboard” to initiate the process.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Dashboard

  • Browse the available dashboards.
  • Popular options include XBMC4Gamers, Rocky5’s Extras Disc, and XBMC.

Step 3: Customize Your Dashboard

  • Some dashboards offer customization options.
  • Configure settings like naming the dashboard and setting default preferences.

Step 4: Begin the Installation

  • After making your selections, start the installation.
  • UnleashX will download and install the chosen dashboard.

How to Switch Between Dashboards

Accessing the Dashboard Switcher

  • Go to the “Dashboard” menu.
  • Select “Switch Dashboard.”

Selecting Your Desired Dashboard

  • A list of your installed dashboards will appear.
  • Choose the one you wish to use.

Confirm and Enjoy

  • Confirm your selection.
  • UnleashX will transition to the chosen dashboard.

Enhance your Xbox gaming experience by customizing your dashboard with UnleashX. This process allows you to tailor your gaming interface to your style, providing a unique and personalized gaming journey on your original Xbox.

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