A Comprehensive Guide to Starfield Save and Config File Locations

Embarking on the interstellar journey of Starfield, a thrilling space exploration game, requires not only skill and strategy but also the knowledge of where your progress and configurations are stored. This guide will help you locate your Starfield save and config files in the vast universe of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Locating Starfield Save Files in Windows

For Windows Explorers

  • Navigating to Save Files:
    1. Launch File Explorer with Windows + E keys.
    2. Follow the path: Local Disk (C:) > Users > [Your Username] > Documents > My Games > Starfield > Saves.

For Steam Users

  • Steam Save File Location:
    • Navigate to C:/Users/[Your Username]/Documents/My Games/Starfield.

For Xbox Game Pass Users

  • Xbox Save File Path:
    • The path is C:/Users/[Your Username]/AppData/Local/Packages/BethesdaSoftworks.ProjectGold_3275kfvn8vcwc/SystemAppData/wgs/[String of Numbers].

Unveiling Starfield Config File Location

For Windows Users

  • Config File Path:
    • Use File Explorer and go to C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\My Games\Starfield.
  • Config File Details:
    • Locate the “StarfieldPrefs” file.
    • Use Notepad for editing but be cautious, as only specific settings should be altered.

Configurable Settings Include:

  • Resolution Scaling
  • Upscaling
  • Film Grain Density
  • VSync
  • Dynamic Resolution
  • Render Quality
  • Motion Blur
  • Shadows
  • AMD CAS Sharpness

Backing Up Starfield Save Files

Steps for Backup:

  1. Locate Save Files:
    • Find your Starfield save files as per the above instructions.
  2. Copy the Save Folder:
    • Select and copy (Ctrl + C) the entire save folder.
  3. Choose Backup Location:
    • Paste (Ctrl + V) the folder in your preferred backup location, such as an external drive.



Navigating through Starfield’s virtual cosmos is now more manageable with this guide to finding your save and config files. Backing up your saves ensures your intergalactic adventures remain safe. Should you face any cosmic challenges, feel free to reach out in the comments for assistance. Embark on your Starfield journey with confidence, and may your space exploration be epic and memorable!

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